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Effectively Hiding Seams for Granite Countertops
03 April 2018

Effectively Hiding Seams for Granite Countertops

Utilizing Style to Hide Your Granite Seams

When creating countertops, it is important that there are no seams displayed. This starts with the proper selection of stone. You’ll want to select a darker color of granite as this makes seams harder to see. If you’re in doubt, absolute black is a great color option. Not only does this dark color give your tops a sophisticated look, it makes the seams near impossible to spot.

Pattern is also an important factor in hiding seams. Sporadic designs make it easier to spot where a seam lies. These decorations may seem more appealing but, they make for a difficult match. It’s best to go with a block of a consistent color.

A good technique is “book matching”. Quarried granite is sold in slabs that are cut from the same block. To minimize the difficulty of matching patterns, these slabs are cut from two blocks of the same area. They are than sealed together; concealing any trace of a seam.

Another influence in hiding seams is size. It is better to have a smaller area to work with. The multi-blade saws used in cutting granite can only allow for so much. Typically, the saw can only cut 9-10 feet. If you are working with an area longer than this, you’ll want to reposition your cabinets or appliances to break up the section.

After choosing an appropriate area and matching the patterns accurately it’s time to seal the seams together. Polyester resin is used in this process. Though the seams should be tight, a colorant will help to blend the area even more. Be sure to choose a color that matches well with your pattern. You’ll also need to set the seams. Setters with suction cups should be used, whether they are manual or electric. These pull the slabs together to remove any trace of a seam.

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