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What to Look for When Hiring a Fabricator
19 May 2016

What to Look for When Hiring a Fabricator

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Every client seeks admiration when they invest time and money into replacing or installing countertops. Skilled, experienced fabricators are the key to hearing those words of praise.

But, what is a fabricator and what does a client look for when hiring? Fabricators are skilled artist that take great pride in their profession.

They work with raw or semi-finished materials, not preassembled or ready-made components. A quality job depends on the skill and experience of the fabricator.

Total number of years of experience should be an integral part of the hiring decision. A client’s first step in finding a professional fabricator is to inspect details in installations that appeal to them in either photographs or local installations.

A display of quality craftsmanship should initiate a request for a recommendation of the fabricator. Using word of mouth recommendations as part of the hiring decision is one of the best tools in insuring a quality job.

Secondly, check the fabricator’s experience and confirm that he is well established in the area and consistently produces quality work. As a valuable team member, he can foresee challenges and help insure an excellent end result.

A professional fabricator will provide a detailed estimate of costs for the project. Basing the hiring decision on the estimate alone is one of the major mistakes made by clients. The importance of budgets must be factored with the experience, skill and quality offered by the fabricator.

As a client, you don’t want to make the mistake of choosing price over project quality.

Lastly, clients should meet with the fabricator to clarify expectations, ask any pending questions and insure open communication. Experienced fabricators are accomplished business professionals.

The ‘total package’ of the fabricator you hire will insure your satisfaction with the job and solicit the praise you want to hear as everyone admires the end result. 

We are lucky to work with many qualified, experienced fabrictors whome we consider artists.  True craftmanship isn't too hard to find, but you must be willing to look for it.


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