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The Elements of Outdoor Kitchen Bar Design
18 May 2018

The Elements of Outdoor Kitchen Bar Design

You have an outdoor kitchen, fire pit, and plenty of space to relax and play lawn games, but you've realized that you're missing one thing: an outdoor kitchen bar. Backyard parties are a lot of fun for everyone except the chef when he/she has no one to talk to. A kitchen bar adds a nice conversation area so that guests can watch the chef prepare dinner and enjoy the extra company. If you're going to build a bar, there are several elements of design that you should think about.


Whenever you choose materials for outside spaces, you'll need to remember that not all materials will withstand the weather. If you think about it, natural stones, such as granite and quartz, are great options because they survived outside for thousands of years. They can be sealed so that they can withstand the occasional drip of red wine, and they bring sophistication to outdoor spaces.


Whenever you are designing a kitchen, you will want function to be at the forefront of the design. Think about the ease with which the chef will be able to prepare in front of guests. Also, consider the ease with which guests will be able to walk around the space. If you entertain large groups, you will want to ensure that there is enough clearance around the bar so that your guests will not bump into each other.


Since you're adding more counter space, you'll also want to design storage that will make cooking and entertaining easier. A counter without storage is wasted space. Consider adding racks for hanging wine and cocktail glasses. You should also install cabinets below the counter so that you can store frying pans, dishware, and utensils.

If you're considering adding an outdoor kitchen bar, you'll enjoy the benefits of your addition more if you think about the way that you will use it. Plan accordingly, build wisely, and enjoy many nights of entertaining.


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