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Introducing Granite Slabs at Francini's Newest Location in Denver, Colorado
10 July 2020

Introducing Granite Slabs at Francini's Newest Location in Denver, Colorado

What do the Statue of Liberty's base and Mount Rushmore have in common? They're both made out of the same stone! Granite has been a trusted building material since the Ancient Egyptians' time, and this natural stone has yet to disappoint. Not only is granite a worthy material for famous world monuments and memorials, but it has also become a highly sought after material in everyday households. With its strength and beauty, this beloved natural stone is proudly offered by the Francini Incorporated team in all 8 of our US locations, including our newest granite slab gallery in Denver, Colorado.

Where Can You Expect to See Granite Used in A Household?

There's a place for granite in just about every home design you can imagine, and with proper care, it's bound to last a long time. While the most obvious use for granite in the home may be countertops and tiles, there are limitless possibilities when it comes to this eco-friendly, igneous stone. You can tie the granite theme throughout your home by adding granite shelving, encasing your fireplace with granite, adding curbing around your landscaping, or creating a private backyard retreat. If you can build it, you can likely incorporate granite.

What Are the Benefits of Incorporating Granite into Your Home Bring You?

  • Applying granite in your home will add appeal and increase its value.
  • Second in strength only to diamonds, granite is a durable investment that will last the test of time.
  • Your ability to customize granite to your style is limitless with so many colors, patterns, and edge profile options.
  • You won't find a stone-based countertop that's more durable than granite. It resists scratches, chips, and with a proper seal, stains.
  • Naturally heat-resistant and non-porous, granite's flat surface is perfect for kitchen counters and other surface areas that are well used.
Introducing Granite Slabs at Francini's Newest Location in Denver, Colorado

Where Can You Find High-Quality Granite?

Andrea Francini, the founder of Francini Incorporated, was born and raised in Massa Carrara, Italy, where he grew up surrounded by Carrara's white marble mountains. Eventually, he would obtain a business degree, establish himself in the granite and marble industry, and open Francini Incorporated. This company is Andrea's pride and joy. His specialty. His lifeline. With a world-class team of inspectors and buyers working alongside Andrea, you're guaranteed to find nothing but high-quality products when visiting our slab galleries.

We've been so successful that we're rapidly expanding. From our first two galleries in California to five more slab galleries located in Utah, Idaho, and North Carolina, our latest addition, where you can now find Francini Incorporated granite, lies in beautiful Denver, Colorado.

Granite is an impressive stone that offers immense variety. Let us help you to answer any questions you may have about the benefits of adding granite into your life. Then, visit one of our eight locations, including our newest granite, quartz, marble stone slab gallery in Denver, Colorado, to choose a product from your favorite stone importers.

We look forward to helping you revitalize your space using only the highest quality stone available!


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