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August 2020
With 25+ years of experience, Francini Incorporated has built a reputation as one of the premier importers and distributors of natural and engineered stone products in the United States. Over the years, we have expanded to eight locations from coast to coast including our newest in Denver, Colorado.
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Picking stone materials for a home or business property is an involved task. You want to select something that will look great and fit your overall design. In addition, you’ll want to find a stone that meets your maintenance and durability needs.
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What do Denver business leaders, interior decorators, home builders, and homeowners all have in common? It is a desire to bring timeless elegance into their place of business or home by using high-quality, affordable, yet durable, and distinct materials.
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July 2020
Francini Incorporated is known for the quality of product and service, and now you can find that same attention to detail online with Francini Incorporated's Online Inventory. Our Online Inventory lets you search our vast inventory of stone to find precisely what you're looking for in the comfort of your home.
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What do the Statue of Liberty's base and Mount Rushmore have in common? They're both made out of the same stone! Granite has been a trusted building material since the Ancient Egyptians' time, and this natural stone has yet to disappoint.
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January 2019
Are you thinking about the concept of revamping your bathroom or kitchen at home? If you are, then it's time to find out everything possible about LUCASTONE™. In a nutshell, LUCASTONE™ is a line of engineered stone that combines the beauty of nature with the durability of science.
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October 2017
Lucastone, a trademark of Francini, Inc is a brand of engineered quartz-based stone slabs and tile that are pre-cut to size for further installation. Lucastonee is very durable, strong, non-porous, resistant to stains and scratches, and heat resistant.
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