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June 2016
Granite comes from deep within the earth. At once point, granite was magma, or melted rock. It took millions of years for it to cool, harden, then work its way up to the surface of the earth. Often, upheavals such as earthquakes or tectonic shifts heave the granite up. Many of these granites are found in pits, or quarries where they are available to be retrieved and put to use.
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April 2016
Kitchen and bathroom countertop materials are one of the most important decisions an owner can make. The most attractive and long-lasting type of countertop material is quartz, or manufactured stone.
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If you're looking for advice on a kid friendly kitchen then look no further.
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Granite has been around as long as the Earth has, but it was not until people learned how to manufacture the rock with machinery in the 1800's that it became a mainstream.
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