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September 2020
When considering which materials to use for your business or home, it's essential to be aware of all of your potential options. Most of us are familiar with the natural stone options like marble, granite, and quartzite.
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January 2019
Are you thinking about the concept of revamping your bathroom or kitchen at home? If you are, then it's time to find out everything possible about LUCASTONE™. In a nutshell, LUCASTONE™ is a line of engineered stone that combines the beauty of nature with the durability of science.
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May 2017
Quartz is one of the most beautiful natural stones that is used in interior design. At Francini Inc., we have a large line of our own quartz for you to choose from.
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February 2017
Francini Inc. Marble and Granite adds a touch of luxury to your home
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October 2016
During the wintertime, many parts of your home needs some extra care. You and your family spend more time indoors, cooking comfort foods and even doing some holiday baking. If you have guests over, your kitchen will get even more use. Maintaining the integrity of your counter tops is an important part of your winter to-do list. These tips will help you to care for your kitchen counters.
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September 2016
One of the pleasures of decorating a new kitchen or renovating an old one is picking just the right countertop. This task can be as bewildering as it is pleasurable, for there are many types of countertops to choose from.
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August 2016
Everyone is taking pictures of their food these days. Make sure your backdrop is perfect by having a perfect counter top.
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July 2016
Most of us place cutting boards on our counters to protect them becoming scratched and nicked by cutting knives and other food preparation tools, so you might be wondering just how these professionals are getting away with prepping food directly on their counter tops without ruining them.
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To truly make your home beautiful while remaining cost effective, quartz countertops are one of the best choices out there.
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June 2016
Every natural stone countertop material has unique characteristics, and they each require specific care and cleaning steps. Long-term maintenance relies on identifying the type of countertop that you have so that you can gain a thorough understanding of how to protect it.
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