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How Your Entry Can Make a “Rock Solid” First Impression
12 November 2018

How Your Entry Can Make a “Rock Solid” First Impression

How Your Entry Can Make a “Rock Solid” First Impression

When it comes to a home or business, an entryway is an opportunity to make an important first impression. This unique space provides a transition from an organic outdoor environment into a manmade built space. Using natural stone in the entry, not only makes a powerful impact, it also helps to establish a harmonious flow from exterior to interior.

Things to Consider When Designing A Stone Entry

  • Mixing sizes, textures and colors is an easy way to give your space a truly personal touch and add visual interest / appeal to your entrance. It can add drama and a sense of luxury to any home.
  • The aesthetic design of an entry introduces a style the visitor will expect to see throughout a space and invokes feelings capable of pivoting how the rest of the space will be perceived.
  • Entryways are symbolic. Stone clad foyers of commercial properties and entries create a “wow factor” that will carry your guests into your space as well as provide a memorable exit.
  • Determine the function of the space. Will it be a grand entry meant to entertain and greet, is it just a point of passage? Will there be standing room to visit?
  • An entryway should be conducive to your lifestyle and the local weather environment. Although common myths might lead you to believe that natural stone is an inconvenience, it is actually the perfect material for this highly utilized space since it is durable, easy to maintain, doesn’t stain easily, can be affordable and will always be in style.
  • Adding natural stone to your entry and throughout your home increases value.

Why Should You Consider a Stone Entry?

Whether the first impression of your entry is made through slabs, tiles or mosaics; natural stone has the unique capability of making a classic statement with timeless elegance. Stone has some of the best versatility of any solid material. It can be used to create a warm inviting appearance for a home, or an elevated, stylish presentation for a commercial space.

What Stone Should You Use for an Entrance?

If you’re thinking about creating a stone entry, it’s important to select the perfect stone. As one of the largest importers and distributors of natural and engineered stone, Francini Inc. are the experts to consult. Founded in 1994, they combine years of knowledge and an outstanding reputation for excellent customer service.


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