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Quartz: Style and Function in Your Space
10 June 2019

Quartz: Style and Function in Your Space

At Francini Inc., we understand that every property is as unique as the style and taste of its property owner. Choosing the right stone or surface for your project is essential. We take great pride in educating you, answering your questions, and showing you samples to help you understand the qualities of each of the surfaces we offer. In this blog, we’ll dive into the unique advantages of quartz, and the reasons to consider it for your upcoming project.

Endless Options of Quartz

When it comes to variety, quartz is hard to compete with. It can range from the brightest of whites to the darkest of blacks. It can imitate genuine marble and come in an almost endless selection of colors. There are literally hundreds of different quartz designs to choose from, so you should have no problem finding an option in our gallery that will fit the aesthetic of your property. Walking our slab gallery is the best way to experience just how beautiful this surface can be.

Clean and Resilient

The look of your quartz is going to last much longer thanks to the fact that this hardy engineered stone is highly resistant to scratches and stains. It is an ideal solution for a heavily used kitchen. It’s also a champion surface for a wet room. Quartz is resistant to germs (though no stone is completely germ proof) and nonporous, meaning it won’t suck up moisture in the bathroom or wine spills in the kitchen. This resistance to germs also makes it a healthier material for the home. A simple wipe should ensure that there are no dangerous microbes lurking on the surface, waiting to contaminate your food.

A Low Maintenance Alternative to Natural Stone

While we love natural stone for its own unique appeal, there are some incredible advantages to going the route of quartz. For one, it can mimic the appearance of natural materials almost to perfection (though it’s not quite exactly the same). Most importantly, it takes less effort to maintain. There’s no need to seal your quartz countertops every year and they’re much easier to wipe clean due to the fact that they’re nonporous.

Bring Light Into Your Space

Improving the effectiveness of natural light and your fixtures are key to creating a comfortable space. Quartz is a creative choice for this as, with a high polish, it reflects almost as much light as a mirrored surface. This can help make any space pop, enhance the impact of your décor, and even give the illusion of a slightly more spacious room. There’s no need for intense maintenance to retain the mirror shine, either.

See our Selection in Person at Francini Inc.

Our range of LUCASTONE™ Evolution is a sight to see! Come tour our high-quality quartz products that fit a range of budgets and feel free to ask any questions to might have to our personable and experienced staff. Visit one of our eight locations today!


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