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Why is Quartz so Popular for Homes and Businesses?
15 November 2019

Why is Quartz so Popular for Homes and Businesses?

Countertop material for your home or business should enhance the atmosphere of a room while also having a durable quality. That's exactly the balance you can strike with quartz countertops and other accents from Francini Inc.

Characteristics of Quartz that Have Lasting Appeal

Quartz is a newer material compared to stone or marble and is sometimes referred to as engineered stone. A fine benefit of quartz' engineered quality is that it can be created in a very wide range of colors, with greater versatility for the styling goals of your décor while still retaining the accents or granules that give it an earthy expression.

Durability is what gives quartz lasting appeal. It has the strength and durability of concrete or granite surfacing, but it doesn't easily get cracks or chips in it. Its surface has a smoothness more like marble or granite, making it a delightful balance of beautiful and strong.

This material is not porous, which means it is resistant to staining from a spilled glass of red wine or an accidental splash of coffee. This also means that there is less space in the material to house bacteria, which is important for a food-friendly environment.

The Benefits of Quartz for Home and Business that Make it a Popular Choice

The blended appearance of quartz can give it a very contemporary look to your home or office space. The range of more traditional or more unusual color options means that you don't have to be limited in your design choices, whether you wish to appeal to more elegant or more experimental sensibilities.

Quartz is also a low-maintenance surfacing material, as a result of it not being very porous. This will result in much less effort on the part of an individual or office team concerning the upkeep and cleaning of the material. No special treatments or cleaners will be necessary like, for example, wood or tile.

Quartz offers another major benefit not available with natural stone. Since it is engineered, the look and feel can be created consistently and uniformly so that all section of an installation match seamlessly.

That balance of personal convenience and upscale appearance make quartz an excellent choice for your home or business kitchen, break room, or office space.

LUCASTONE™ at Francini Inc.

Fortunately, Francini Inc. offers LUCASTONE™ quartz for its customers, a superior quartz construction to other options. It has strong as well as neutral colors, granular consistency throughout the material, and allows for greater degrees of color and material customization than elsewhere. They are constructed with greater durability and convenience in mind, and all LUCASTONE™ countertops comply with NSF standards countertops used in medical, laboratory and public food-preparation.

If you are interested in a stone that combines the beauty of nature with the durability of science, consider choosing LUCASTONE™ from Francini Inc. The best way to experience stone is by viewing it in our slab gallery. Make an appointment to connect with one of our personable and experienced staff at one of our location nearest you!


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