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Decorating Your Kitchen For Fall
12 September 2016

Decorating Your Kitchen For Fall

Granite Boise | Boise Granite

Fall is the perfect time to add some pizzazz and glorious color to your kitchen. Add extra zip to your kitchen with a few simple decorating ideas. This is perfect way to welcome your guests for a fabulous Halloween party or just a short round of hot cider and some donuts.

  • Use Candlepower

    Candles are the ideal way to add light, scent and color to any space. Gather together a group of orange, white and brown candles. Wrap with colorful ribbon in an orange ribbon and set on top of various places in the kitchen like the island and the corners of the counter tops. Place the candles in glass jars containing fall items like cinnamon sticks and candy corn for additional color and glorious autumn scents.

  • Make a Fall Halloween Wreath

    Make your own fall wreath with a wreath form. Wind thick black thread around the entire wreath. In the middle of the wreath, string out a white spiderweb pattern. Hot glue on three orange letters to spell out the word BOO over the wreath. Glue on a few plastic spiders for a fun look and then hang it on the refrigerator door in the middle of a large kitchen window.

  • Gourd It

    Nothing says fall like a group of colorful gourds. Place large gourds in large baskets and smaller gourds in smaller baskets. Place all the gourds and the baskets on top of the kitchen cabinets.

  • Bring Leaves Inside

    Beautiful leaves in startling patterns are a wonderful gift for fall. Preserve leaves all season long and decorate the kitchen at the same time with a simple craft project. Grab a pile and then dip into some melted beeswax. Let dry overnight. Insert lengths of black and brown yarn into the leaves. Hang the preserved leaves across window panes and let them dangle down from kitchen cabinets for a unique fall look.


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