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Dreaming Of Becoming An Interior Designer?
26 September 2016

Dreaming Of Becoming An Interior Designer?

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Interior designers need creativity and the ability to bring their client's aesthetic vision to life with colors, textures and lighting. In addition to the ability to put together a "look", interior designers need the ability to plan space and have a strong sense of proportion to visualize the completed interior environment.

Some people are born with a natural talent for design, however, training is still needed to master the technical aspects, such as understanding universal accessibility standards and adhering to building codes.

The First Step To Becoming An Interior Designer

You cannot call yourself an interior designer in many states without meeting certain licensing requirements, which frequently include graduation from an accredited school and passing a qualifying exam administered by the National Council of Interior Design. You will find two-year and four-year programs at a variety of accredited institutions, including colleges and art schools. After graduating, many individuals seek out an interior design apprenticeship to hone their skills. During this time, new interior designers usually develop their portfolios and gather wholesale contacts.

The Business End Of Interior Design

As an interior designer, individual have to learn how to use CAD software, market their services and create persuasive proposals for potential clients. Time management and budgeting skills are also important, since interior designers frequently work on several projects at once and they must stay within their client's budget. Being a people person is also important, since interior designers work with a variety of clients and other professionals, including architects and building contractors.

Working As An Interior Designer

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, three out of every ten interior designers are self-employed. Other designers work at salaried positions at design firms, firms offering architectural services and at home furnishing retailers. In many cases, interior designers prefer residential or commercial design work, which may include sub-specialties such as eco-friendly designs or kitchen designs.

We LOVE working with interior designers and hope that you pursue your dream of becoming one!


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