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Choosing a Wall Color to Accent Your Countertop
17 November 2016

Choosing a Wall Color to Accent Your Countertop

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“Coordinating the Correct Color Scheme”

Decorating and tying in the correct color scheme for your kitchen can seem perplexing. The significant part of a kitchen color-coordinating process begins with the signature piece, the counter-top, as this will ultimately determine the color choice of the walls. The objective is not to over-match all the colors so perfectly, but strive for subtle hues and color undertones, that will naturally complement each other. If the marble, granite, quartz, or soapstone counter-tops in your kitchen are a dark rich hue, and your cabinets are equally a similar tone, then the objective is to select something within a cooler range of color, so that it offsets the rich quality of the colored granite for your walls.

“Enhancing a Harmonious Theme through Color Combinations”

The benefits of choosing the optimum color combinations for your kitchen avails the utilization of supplementary colors within your kitchen space. For instance, if cream and tan colors consisting of a neutral palette are the counter-tops and cabinets designation, then choosing the option of a softer complementary color hue for your walls, such as crushed light orange will offer a bright refreshing appearance. Incorporating different lighter versions of the neutral palette into items such as the kitchen appliances and the room’s decor will finish the kitchen’s backdrop.

“Highlighting Shades of Tone for Complementary Accentuation”

In choosing your kitchen’s precise color combinations, the options are limitless, but make it your aim to have the overall space within your kitchen appear harmonious, not emphasizing a disjointed color theme. Natural stone counter-tops obviously possess tiny flecks of variable colors, so use that unique aspect as a basis for your decision to highlight and add an elusive splash of color to your walls. Compare paint samples side by side against multi-color specks, viewing them during the daylight into the evening. The basic concept is to create a tad of contrast and to accentuate the stone counter-top. Leave the visually pictorial impression of a united harmonic design between all thematic elements, so that it results in a cohesive complementary setting, and not one of a competing nature.


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