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Choosing Countertops For A Service Industry
13 March 2017

Choosing Countertops For A Service Industry

First and Lasting Impression- Selecting the Professional Counter-Top

First impressions prove to be indicative of an immediate judgment extolling a lasting effect. A visually professional appearance aids in creating an exceptional reputation. The industry’s portrayal warrants a favorable impression, so the selection of the correct counter-top would prove to be a vital aspect in availing the distinct tone your business requires and deserves. Designing your establishment by selecting the choicest counter-tops will express professionalism, leaving a lasting impression.

Last Call- Where Everybody Knows Your Name- Wet Bar Tops

In contemplation of possible construction materials utilized as bar tops, think low maintenance, durability, and beauty.

Granite possesses stability and resilience to cigarette burns, hot trays of appetizers, hors d'oeuvres and steaming hot coffee pots. However, natural stone stains significantly.

Quartz, as an engineered product has an advantage of strength over granite stone, proving to be resistant to germs making it an ideal choice for the food industry use.

Next Order Up- Hospitality Served On the Best Table in the House

A prerequisite for a restaurant is an aesthetic consideration including basic functionality.

Granite offers raw beauty, nevertheless, for tables, counter-tops, and back kitchen counters, this stone requires regular resealing and is less cost efficient than engineered stone like Quartz, which does not require the same measure of care. Within the industry, purity is imperative, so dining and food preparation areas ought to remain contaminant free. Because of the unique non-porous aspect of Quartz, it proves to be the optimal choice for obtaining sanitation.

Beautify and Accentuate the Interior Design

Glazed porcelain is heat resistant, tougher than Granite, and water sealed, but proves expensive. However, engineered stone proves cost efficient, and exhibits durability. Both establishments’ counter-tops require non-porous surfaces possessing strength. It is vital that counter-tops remain impermeable and virtually impervious, resistant to the detrimental effects of both food and beverages.

The preference of Marble counter-tops is not ideal, as it is fragile, porous and unfortunately stains effortlessly. However, given its true characteristic exquisiteness, it serves to beautify and accentuate your business’s interior design. A commercial establishment’s perception is resultant by upholding a particular etiquette, and with expressing a confident-inspiring image by utilizing the correct counter-tops, your business will have the endorsement of success, emanating a professional image.

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