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Getting to Know Granite
18 July 2017

Getting to Know Granite

One of the most popular materials with today’s home designers is granite. Used mainly in kitchens and bathrooms, when properly cared for, it can last for years and maintain its beautiful. Granite's properties allow versatility of use from indoor to outdoor. It is an igneous rock, typically light in color, which contains specks of contrasting colors throughout. This allows a range of colors.

History shows many important buildings have used granite in their construction. For example, archaeologists have found evidence that the first granite temple was built in India in the 11th century AD. Many ancient pyramids in Egypt were also constructed of granite.

Formed by volcanic materials, this beautiful material has been found throughout the world. Granite that is formed slowly produces a coarse grained texture while that which is formed quickly has a fine to medium grained texture. Different colors are formed by the penetration of various liquids and mineral gases during its formation.

Choosing granite over tile, vinyl, quartz and laminate has many advantages. In contrast to these other materials, when properly sealed, granite resists heat, scratches and cold. In addition to home use, this tough material is used in the construction industry. Its durability can be seen in the many cemetery and memorial stones which have stood for years in all kinds of weather.



• Variety of colors to match the surroundings
• Last for years (with proper care)
• Granite countertops will not depreciate in value
• Sanitary - no worry about germ contamination
• Tolerate heat or cold from cooking utensils
• Easy to clean
• Lower in price than marble



• Expensive
• Can be cracked if hit with a heavy object
• Requires addition structural support due to its weight
• Once glued in place it is difficult to remove

The majority of modular homes produced today have imitation granite (vinyl) on their countertops. Owners quickly discover that this material will char or buckle when hot or cold dishes, pans or pots are placed on the surface. Granite, on the other hand, does not have this problem.

Consider consulting with Francini on what color of granite will work best for your personal desires or per a room’s design. Once selected, the granite can be cut to the right size / shape and fit it into place. Whether in a kitchen, bathroom or other location we can help!


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