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Family Friendly Kitchens
18 April 2016

Family Friendly Kitchens

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If you're looking for advice on a kid friendly kitchen then look no further.  Really, when it comes to making your kitchen family friendly there are some basic things you can do to ensure everyone has a chance to participate in kitchen.

Lets review the basics.

Counter tops: You will want some that is easy to clean because you're bound to have spills and messes. You also want to make sure you get a great counter top that will hold up to the years you family will spend using it.

Quartz is a great option for both, it holds up well and is nearly indestructible and it's makes cleaning up a breeze. It also comes in numerous different colors so you can be sure to find something perfect for you kitchen.

Another option is to use granite counter tops in you kitchen. They offer the same easy maintenance and nearly indestructible features. Almost endless color options here.

Open Space: Another important key to a family friendly kitchen is having a large open space where everyone can enjoy the atmosphere. You're general open floor plan will have large work areas on either side of the kitchen or around it. As well as a nice island in the middle as a work surface.

Pantry: The pantry you need is one that is open and allow you to walk inside and really organize and make it your own. Make sure to concentrate on shelving and storage solutions that help to organize the pantry to work for everyone in the home.

Merging Spaces: Another way to have a real family feel is to make a seating area somewhere in your kitchen. Something comfortable with lots of pillows. Maybe a little table. Fresh flowers are always a nice tough as well. It's gives you guest or family members who aren't cooking a place to be part of the action. 

What is your favorite familty friendly kitchen tip?


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