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Top Five Bathroom Design Trends for 2018
07 January 2018

Top Five Bathroom Design Trends for 2018

Many homeowners aspire to have a bathroom that’s worthy of Pinterest. The bathroom is one of the most trafficked areas of the house, so it’s important that we love the design and aesthetic. Whether you are thinking of a full bathroom remodel, or you’re planning to update just one part, here are the top five bathroom design trends for 2018.

Mediterranean-Inspired Design

Style and materials that are inspired by ancient Mediterranean destinations such as Morocco, Portugal, Greece and Spain give an inviting feel to any bathroom. Modern metallic finishes with warm terracotta hues give a stylish update. Mosaic tiles in the shower or as a backsplash call for the carefree feeling of the Mediterranean.

Neutral Tones

Neutral shades such as grey, beige and cream were a big trend in 2017, and it’s holding strong for 2018. Stay away from bright and bold colors (incorporate colorful towels if you need that splash of vibrancy) in order to keep the entire bathroom aesthetic as neutral as possible. The final result will be airy yet contemporary which helps keep small bathroom spaces from feeling too cramped. Experiment with different textures (like marble and granite), shapes and finishes to keep the neutrals fresh and alive. Mix neutral tones with another bathroom design trend for 2018 which is the use of three-dimensional tiles for a more eye-catching twist.

Additional Storage

We all want more storage in the bathroom, so make use of the vertical space that’s available. Install cabinetry that climbs up your wall, or bring in a new piece of storage furniture if installing new cabinetry isn’t in your budget. Open shelving is also a great way to add practical function to your bathroom while still keeping on-trend for 2018.

In-Floor Heating and Tech

If you live in a cold climate, consider installing in-floor heating. It adds extra warmth for cold mornings and allows your kids to go barefoot without feeling chilly. Radiant floor heating can also be energy efficient depending on the equipment that is installed. Towel warmers are a great alternative if you don’t have the budget to rip apart your current bathroom floor since they cost around $100.

Updated Subway Tiles

Subway tiles are here to stay in 2018. Go for colors, larger dimensions and unique patterns such as beveled and domed. A great design tip is to use a contrasting grout color if you choose classic white subway tiles. Contrasting grout adds extra interest to the common all-white subway tile style. Subway tiles can even be placed into patterns of color to create a mosaic feeling.

Bathrooms can easily be updated at any budget with the use of new materials, textures, colors and even tech. Modern bathrooms that are both stylish and functional can be enjoyed by the entire family in 2018.

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