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Consider a Stone Installation to Rehab A Space
18 February 2018

Consider a Stone Installation to Rehab A Space

Tips for Stone Lovers Everywhere

Stone finishes are like magnets. They attract immediate attention in homes and commercial buildings. With such a wide variety from which to choose, stone lovers are as diverse as stone choices.

For example, commercial businesses align the sturdy, rustic charm of Travertine stone refinishing to enhance their business image.

Homeowners choose the hypnotic appeal of quartz for their kitchen and bathroom stone refinishing. Others may prefer the allure of granite to capture attention.
In ultra modern home and business designs, there is a certain signature appeal to THIN porcelain in stone refinishing accents.

Homeowners choose soapstone or limestone when they want to convey color and depth in kitchens and bathrooms.

What could be more dramatic than adding Vetrite stone to make an interior decorating statement?


The Right Stone for the Right Project

In order to choose the right stone for residential and commercial projects, you need experts in natural and engineered stone works.

Francini Inc. has more than two decades of experience importing highest quality natural and engineered stone. Francini Inc. combines knowledge and a reputation for excellent customer service to help their loyal clientele choose the stone refinishing that's best.


Specialty Projects with Amazing Stone

In addition to custom stone sinks for kitchens and baths, Francini Inc. is ready to give a swimming pool area a more refined appearance.

Add a stone column to a home or building exterior to give it more curb appeal. Just a touch of elegant or rustic stone molding enriches the look of homes and buildings indoors and out.

Stone refinishing makes a style statement with creative impact. Don't forget that adding stone to homes, buildings and properties increases value. For more details on how to get started, contact Francini Marble and Granite.

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