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Top Functional Kitchen Layouts
10 April 2018

Top Functional Kitchen Layouts

A modern, functional kitchen is a beautiful thing to behold aesthetically, but the practical design is what truly makes a remodel worth the time and effort. Whether you need more work space, better lighting, room to move without bumping into appliances or people, it's essential to do a bit of careful planning before you break out the hammer.

Organize the Kitchen Zones

If you go at your remodeling project without first considering the basic work zones of your kitchen, you may realize too late that things will be less efficient than before. Consider the overall size of your kitchen space, how much room you need for food preparation, appliances, and plumbing for a sink.

While it's vital you leave yourself enough room to work, you don't want to plan a mammoth counter that you will only use a small portion of. Likewise, if you have a big family and a lot of cooking to get done, give yourself ample area to move in traffic-heavy areas, such as to the microwave, refrigerator, or sink.

Storage Options

Traditional cabinets and cupboards have been around for generations, but these don't have to be the only option for storage. Vertical drawers, spice racks, modern shelving and wall cabinets are all becoming more popular as homeowners seek new ways to save space. They can make a functional kitchen especially attractive in additional to providing more room.

To Island or not to Island

Islands have been popular for decades, especially in open floor designs. They can serve as a useful and elegant accent that helps tie together the entire look of the room. Additionally, an island counter can serve as a classy replacement for a mundane kitchen table. For closed kitchen designs, however, an island can be cumbersome and take up too much space if not well planned.


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