History of Francini Inc Leaders In Natural Stone Importing & Exporting

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History of Francini Inc: World Leaders In Natural Stone Importing and Exporting
26 March 2020

History of Francini Inc: World Leaders In Natural Stone Importing and Exporting

Since 1994, Francini Inc. has become a world leader in stone importing and distribution thanks to our generations of experience and our dedication to outstanding quality. Starting with our first location in Sun Valley, California, we've gone on to open a total of eight Francini Inc. locations across the country. Our offices are located in Colorado, North Carolina, Utah, and Idaho. With purchasing departments that have access to the world’s quarries, a factory in Carrara, Italy, and consistent customer satisfaction, we've come a long way in the last several decades.

The History Of Francini Inc.

Our history begins with our company's founder, Andrea Francini, who grew up in Massa Carrara, Italy. Generations of his family had lived here in a region known as the white marble capital of the world. At age 14, Andrea and his family moved to London where he and his brothers would finish their education. As Andrea would go on to earn his degree in business from the London School of Economics, his father Franco would make a name for himself at International Granite & Marble in Los Angeles. After joining his father at IG&M and establishing himself in the industry, Andrea opened Francini Inc in 1994. Now, the company is proud to offer the highest quality stone slabs chosen from around the world.

The Francini Timeline

1994 - Francini Inc. was founded

1996 - Opening of first Francini Inc. in Sun Valley, California

2004 - Opening of our second Francini Inc. in Indio, California

2008 - Opening of our third Francini Inc. in Salt Lake City, Utah

2011 - Opening of our fourth Francini Inc. in Boise, Idaho

2014 - Opening of our fifth Francini Inc. in Raleigh, North Carolina

2016 - Opening of our sixth Francini Inc. in Wilmington, North Carolina

2017 - Opening of our seventh Francini Inc. in Kernersville, North Carolina

2020 - Opening of our eighth Francini Inc. in Denver, Colorado

Francini Inc. Distributors and Importers

The Francini Inc Commitment to Quality

Our headquarters is in Sun Valley, California, the very same town we started in before expanding into the business we are today. We now have a total of eight importer/distributor locations, one factory, and three import purchasing offices in Italy, Brazil, and India. Making it this far is truly a reflection of how seriously we take the quality of the stone we work with. Only the very best stones are selected, meaning we offer only the highest quality of natural stone products. Additionally, our founder, Andrea Francini, has an eye for the exotic that adds many striking pieces to our collection.

We feel that high standards like this make a significant difference in any project, whether it's for a new kitchen countertop at home or an elaborate tile scheme for a new building, having quality stone means there's a greater chance for an aesthetically pleasing finish without any blemishes or other imperfections.

Revitalize Your Space Using Only the Highest Quality Stone

Feel free to contact us here with any questions or concerns and let us know what kind of natural stone project you have in mind.


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